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Crystal Chest Loot & Rates

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As requested by several people we have decided to release a list of loot and drop rates for the Crystal Chest. Please bare in mind that this list is subject to change and we encourage suggestions and feedback.

When opening the Crystal Chest if you get an item worth below 100k you will get a second item from the same key.

The below screenshot is the loot from 250 Crystal keys.



Common Loot



(Given when no other rarity is met)


100 Yew logs

50 Magic logs

25 Prayer potions

50 Manta rays

5 Super combat potions

50 Coal

25 Runite ore

25 Dragon darts

25 Uncut diamonds

25 Uncut saphire

25 Uncut ruby

1 Green d'hide chaps

1 Green d'hide vamp

1 Green d'hide body

1 Rune full helm

1 Rune platebody

1 Rune platelegs

1 Rune kiteshield

1 Mystic hat

1 Mystic robe top

1 Mystic robe bottom

1 Mystic boots


Uncommon Loot



(14% Chance)


10 Super combat potions

25 Dragon bones

50 Big bones

25 Black dragon leather

75 Coal

50 Runite ore

50 Dragon darts

2,000,000 Coins

1 Dragon med helm

1 Dragon scimitar

1 Dragon longsword


Rare Loot



(2% Chance)


150 Dragon darts

1 Dragon chainbody

1 Guthan's helm

1 Guthan's warspear

1 Guthan's platebody

1 Guthan's chainskirt

1 Dharok's helm

1 Dharok's greataxe

1 Dharok's platebody

1 Dharok's platelegs

1 Karil's coif

1 Karil's crossbow

1 Karil's leathertop

1 Karil's leatherskirt

1 Ahrim's hood

1 Ahrim's staff

1 Ahrim's robetop

1 Ahrim's robeskirt

1 Torag's helm

1 Torag's hammers

1 Torag's platebody

1 Torag's platelegs

1 Verac's helm

1 Verac's flail

1 Verac's brassard

1 Verac's plateskirt

1 Abyssal whip

1 Dragon boots

1 Uncut onyx


Very Rare Loot



(1% Chance)


1 Armadyl hilt

1 Bandos hilt

1 Armadyl helmet

1 Armadyl chestplate

1 Armadyl chainskirt

1 Bandos chestplate

1 Bandos tassets

1 Bandos boots

1 Ring of wealth

1 Mystery box

10 Credits bond

10,000,000 Coins

1 Ranger boots


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